Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hyper CVAD A Cycle 2

I'm getting my Cytoxin right now!  It's Tuesday and I came in on Sunday night- got started around 12:30 Monday morning with my first dose of chemo.  I've been feeling really great until about noon today when the queasiness kicked in a little, but I'm still doing quite well.  Doc Mato has decided to speed up my doses so I can get out of here early again!  Should be out of here tomorrow night, a little late, but still a day early!  So excited!  

My first roomie this time was hilarious- she was probably over 80 years old and refused to look at me every time I walked past her or looked at her.  She was understandably upset that she'd been told she was leaving and had packed up and everything only to be told she had to stay another day.  But she was CRANKY!  

I was hopeful to have a free night last night but ended up getting a second roomie last night at 11:30.  She has her husband and a nurse with her all the time, so comes with a lot of noise.  But her story is so awful right now- she has Lymphoma but it's in her brain so it has paralyzed her whole left side within just a month of symptoms showing up.  She's going through test after test and prepping for chemo but hasn't even started yet.  Both her and her husband are scared as can be and have been asking me all sorts of questions, advice, and for encouragement.  I'm trying to be supportive, even though our situations are so different!  I wish I could be of more help to them, especially the husband.  He is really frustrated with the doctors and the chaos- he threw his cell phone and busted it up!  I think the language barrier is also a problem- they are Korean and communication is a little rough.  They're a sweet couple together though, and he sleeps here in a cot next to her bed.  

I had another fun visit with Ashleigh Booth last night!  She really is so sweet to drive all the way out here just to visit me!  She brought me the cutest package full of glow in the dark toys for the kids, snacks, and pudding!  Because the last hospital pudding I got when she was here had a nasty film of oily yuck on top of it and she felt bad I had such gross food to eat!  Isn't she great??  

And of course she didn't want to be in the picture!  Sorry Ashleigh :)  We had so much fun laughing and talking that when we walked out the nurses were calling us the "Gigglers."  I hope we weren't too loud!  

When I got my awesome dinner of a burger and macaroni salad we just had to film it because it looked so awful!  However, I ended up eating the whole burger so it must not have been too bad right??  

So far I haven't been bored at all here.  I've been taking walks around the floor, looking all sorts of things up on the internet, watching Netflix, paying bills, shopping for scarves online,  learning about Pinterest, doing my nails, and talking on the phone with family.  Adam came to visit today and I was able to Skype with the kids before they went to bed.  It's actually been nice to do a little catch up on some of these things but I'd still MUCH rather be at home with my family!  


  1. Tessa,

    I can't believe how beautiful you are without hair. You look better than I do on my very best hair day! Kind of a petty comment, I know- but really, you are so gorgeous! I talked to Holly after she saw you in Logan- she raved about you and how amazing you are. We are all in awe of you and your incredible attitude. We think about you and pray for you all the time.

    Kristen (Mathews) Reams

    1. You are so sweet Kristen! Thanks for the message- you are sweet to say it but I would take a bad hair day over a no hair day anytime! :) I loved talking with Holly- through her trials she's come out all that much more strong and I hope to be just like her! Thanks for the prayers!