Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm in a haze and have been since Saturday morning.  Saturday was beautiful, Adam and I were outside helping the kids ride their bikes with their new helmets and just having a nice time.  It came on me quick but I started feeling really tired and it hasn't gone away since.  I'm thinking it's due to low blood counts, maybe low hemoglobin because I'm seeing little phantom bugs flying around my vision and get a rushing in my head when I move too quickly.  I wish I could tell if I should go in to get my blood tested or just wait it out until my appointment on Wednesday!  

I'm all scheduled for chemo on Sunday again, another session of Hyper CVAD A all lined up.  I know I shouldn't be but I'm already getting my hopes up that I will be out Wednesday night again rather than Thursday morning.  Adam is already talking about having me gone again :(  I'm sure he'll handle it, but he is so busy at work, he doesn't need an absent wife too!  He probably felt like I was gone anyway all weekend since I just sort of sat around doing nothing...  Sorry Honey! 

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  1. now don't start feeling like that - you are working hard on getting healthy and that's a BIG JOB! :D Love you girl - keep it up. See you soon!