Saturday, June 9, 2012

Post Hyper CVAD A Cycle 2 and SCANS

Saw the doc on Thursday and got my extra dose of Vincristine and TEN pills of Dexamethasone.  I swear I put on 10 pounds over the 4 days I take that steroid.  Which usually cancer patients need but I'm a nausea eater- I eat to keep nausea at bay so I do NOT have a problem with losing weight from chemo!  Not sure which is better... :)

Loved meeting up with dear friends Patty and Dennis at the cancer center who went through a stem cell transplant the same time I did.  Dennis is doing quite well, especially considering he's in his 70's and has had cancer 3 times himself.  It was so nice to see them and know his scans came through clean. 

Speaking of scans... I went in for a PET/CT scan yesterday and will be doing Cat scans next Wednesday.  As well as appointments on Monday, phone call from doc on Tuesday regarding PET/CT results (hint:  I looked at the images already on CD, but I'm waiting for the official word of the doc to get excited :), and about 6 tests and an appointment on Wednesday for my transplant work up.  That's right, looks like we're moving forward!!  BUT, I of course won't know more until the appointment on Thursday.  Awesome.  Have I said before I hate not being able to plan ahead???

As far as how I'm feeling right now I'm doing quite well.  HyperCVAD wasn't too rough this time around, though I had the rough three days coming home from the hospital followed by some just dreary days, but not bad ones.  I'm so grateful for the incredible amount of help I've had with sitters and food brought in, I think it's really helped with recuperation this time around.  I have the usual mind fuzziness from chemo, bone pain from Neupogen shots, sleeplessness and weight gain from steroids, and neuropathy from the Vincristine but all in all things are going well! 


  1. Tessa,

    I'm so glad that things are going as well as they can be for you. I check your blog for posts on a regular basis. You are inspiring, truly. And the comment about you and how pretty you are was simply honest- not sweet :) If you ever have any reason to pop by Germany- let me know, you are always welcome in our home! As crazy and expensive and across the world as it is :) Always thinking about you and sending lots of love from Germany!


  2. Wow, Tessa. You SAY all these things that have been thrown your way, but all I saw today when you came to Goals For Life was a stunningly gorgeous woman with the clearest eyes, skin, smile, spirit; with mindblowing excellent children and lovely husband. That's what I saw, that's what I felt, and I am incredibly grateful I got to meet this freaking cool family. I'll continue to pray like hell for a smashing journey; your bravery is obvious, your strength undeniable. Everything about you reeks of glowing health and radiant life. Keep on, my new girlfriend, and love to my new little buddies who also have a magical sense of strength about them. You, my dear, are one EXCELLENT mommy. And I love you already. Go you. Love, jo...who looks forward to playing with you in the next tournament. I hear you can really kick it.

  3. I'm so glad things are going well for you Tessa. You're inspiring and I enjoy reading your posts. I work with people who have cancer (I'm a Hospice nurse) and its so awesome to see how positive you are! You will beat this! I know it! I tell my kids about you all the time, you're an amazing woman and your family is amazing! My son, Tanner, remembers you and enjoys hearing about your progress also. You taught him at North Cache. There are so many people here in Cache Valley who are praying for your health. Good luck in the coming week. Love, Tammy Law