Sunday, January 5, 2014

And The Results Are In...

Benign:  Music to anyone's ears, but particularly to a 3 time cancer survivor undergoing her 6th biopsy!

My doc told me he'd call me with results anywhere from 3-7 days later.  On the off chance the results were in the computer before then, I checked my chart online…  I want to be shocked that I could read my results before they were given to me but I'm too happy the results were exactly what I wanted to see :)  

I went down to Huntsman on Thursday for the biopsy- I asked my doc if I could get a pic of him holding the giant needle next to my neck while I looked scared over at him… He made me repeat myself several times then said, "That is perhaps the oddest request I've ever heard."  I got a good laugh out of it but he still seemed confused at why I'd want it :)  He didn't want to be in the blog though, and was very hesitant about me even seeing the needle before the biopsy until I told him I'd already seen it during my first biopsy.  Kinda funny.  So The point is, I don't have very funny pics for your enjoyment, but I do at least have a picture of the biopsy :).