Saturday, May 26, 2012

For Better, For Worse (Updated)

In sickness and in health...

So glad my husband loves me, even when I look like this!!!  

Adam and I shared this video on Facebook and I received some mixed reviews... Personally, Adam and I thought this was so funny we just HAD to get it up on FB so everyone else could laugh with us!  But I think some people felt bad for us watching the lint rolling...  Just to clarify- it's my third time losing my hair completely and it does not bother me AT ALL!  I know I look better with a little hair, but it's really just hair, it will come back!  And I'm really looking forward to wearing my cute head scarves and shopping for more!!  :)  I'm even going to try false eyelashes which I've never done before!

Mykelle and Evan had fun with the lint rolling too:

I shaved afterward and it took me FOREVER!!  Because I still had so many long hairs attached to my head.  I really should have tried the duct tape on the back of my head... It would have made shaving go much more smoothly!!

I hate that my melon is so super white and shows up so easily under caps like this!
Nothing cools a hot head down like an Otter Pop...

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  1. You really are one of those rare people who are beautiful regardless of what you do to your hair! You just have such a beautiful face! You and your husband are really awesome! It's so fun to hear you two talk and joke. So much love! :)