Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cancer Free, and tired as can be!

My 9 month PETscan results came in a couple weeks ago and they are clear!!  No sign of disease recurrence!  Pretty amazing, though life continues to have it's ups and downs, we were quite happy about this last scan- it was a biggie!  

I'm posting a simple update for now, just to note where I'm at in the post-BMT process.  Graft-vs-Host Disease (GVHD) is the main issue I grapple with currently, since we're not worried about treating cancer at the moment.  I have GVHD mainly in my eyes and joints, as well as a nice case of chronic fatigue that often accompanies GVHD.  In large part that's why I've kept from posting too often, I have had to cut out a lot of things in my life just to have some energy during the day to spend with my family!  I've even had to cut out housecleaning for the most part- you should see the state of my messy home... On second thought, no, you shouldn't! :)  

I'm happy to be here, to spend time every day with my kids and my husband, and be seeing my extended family as often as possible.  Utah is amazing in the spring and summer, we're enjoying the outdoors every day, and enjoying the time we have together, while we have it.  Life is beautiful.