Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23 Doc Visit

I had my weekly doc visit today with Dr. Mato and NP Mary Curtin, and it was FUN!  I love those two!  They always bring up my blog and act like they don't read it...  Okay, they probably don't but they still get uncomfortable when they think they've done something bad that will make it to the blog- like say things to me that are maybe unprofessional for doctors to say to their patients.  It's fun though, we have a good time talking and joking around, and I know they really do care about me and my health.  

My blood counts are good and I signed the admit form for chemo next week.  The wbc went up to normal  range, 4.4, and my hemoglobin is back above 10- they think it was low over the weekend and I should have gone in for a blood infusion since I was so hazy.  Not too worrisome though, I wasn't fainting or anything :)  

I've been having some more side effects from the Hyper CVAD regimen, quite a bit of cramping and bloating of my abdomen, soreness in my lymph system through arms, neck and chest, headaches and peripheral neuropathy.  I've decided that much of what I'm feeling is "normal" for people going through chemotherapy, just that it's worse than last time so it's surprising to me.  And not that it's bad really, just the stuff I have to deal with to get this cancer out of my body!  In the end, it's worth it!  

The neuropathy had me laughing out loud today when I dropped an ice cube 3 times!  By the 3rd time I was feeling pretty clumsy but it was funny too.  My hands and feet up through my arms and legs feel tingly (except for my pinkies and small toes... weird) like if you've been laying on your arm or leg too long and it's just partially fallen asleep, and it doesn't go away.  The docs decided to cut the Vincristine dose in half to hopefully limit the neuropathy.  I was worried this meant the effectiveness of the drugs would also be cut in half but they don't seem to think so.  I made some flippant comment about lying to them about the side effects so they wouldn't change the dose and they immediately jumped all over that telling me the neuropathy could be permanent so it wouldn't really be a good idea to do that... Yeah, don't really want the tingling forever so I think I'll stick to telling them about all the side effects!


  1. probably a good idea to tell them! By the sounds of it, they will do everything they can to be as aggressive as possible and as forward thinking as possible by assuring you're in good shape after wiping your body clean of cancer. Hold strong warrior woman. You're beautiful! (even when you're clumsy!) hehe

  2. Glad you like your doctors and that they can help with some of the side effects! I hope you feel improvement soon!! You are right that it will be all worth it in the end, just sorry you have to go through so much to get that dumb cancer out of your body! Good luck with your next treatement. You are always in our thoughts and prayers!!

  3. Yes, you SHOULD have had your blood tested over the weekend! I'd prefer to sit for a few hours for some red blood cells than be hazy all weekend! But I'm glad to hear you're pushing through so well :). I have lost all feeling in my fingertips and am frequently visiting Crate & Barrel to replace plates and glasses... oops! Keep up your amazing spirit, your attitude keeps me going :)