Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lymph Node Biopsy

10/26: Biopsy was scheduled for 1 pm. From what I remembered and the scar I have I thought this would be a cinch! Turns out I wasn't exactly correct, but it wasn't too horrible! Adam was able to come with me and Mom was home with the kids so the logistics worked out well. They got me in on time and an IV in my hand (I hate that I have such poor veins- they always go for my hands and wrists!). Everything went smooth and I woke up an hour and half after I went in for the procedure. The crappy part was feeling like I was still so sleepy for several hours after. Poor Adam, he had to sit around for 5 hours in an uncomfortable waiting room!

I was a little disappointed in how large the cut was with 9 stitches. After all, the lymph node was only about 1cm big! But it turns out the doc was able to take out several swollen glands that couldn't be felt from the outside, so maybe he needed more room. Dr. Inouye said he was able to get plenty of tissue and that he cleaned the area out pretty well. The wound was quite a bit more sore that I expected. The nurses told me not to lift my children for about a week... yeah right! The stitches are now out, and it looks decent, though still big and red. I'm interested to see if it heals as well as my other incision did when I was 16.

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