Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home & a Happy Birthday!

   I finally made it home last night around 11 pm.  Melissa was kind enough to come sit at our place while the kids were sleeping (thank you!).  The last few hours of chemo were especially painful... not because of the drugs, but because things just weren't going well!  I was supposed to be out by 9pm, but the nurses were behind.  Then, while I was sitting there trying to grasp my fork and knife to eat a very nasty looking dinner, I realized my left hand (with the IVs) was not moving well- it had blown up like a balloon!  The saline IV had stopped working and was pushing saline directly into my hand which then caused the second IV in my wrist to also stop working!  So I had to be poked again for an IV in the right arm this time (6 times in three days, could be worse right?).  Of course, this all happens 2 hours before I'm supposed to get out!   It caused a delay on top of the nurses being behind but I was finally out of there at 10:30!

Adam and the kids decorated the house before I came home Friday night!
    I came home to the house decorated for my birthday- cute pink and green streamers with balloons all over.  And a banner that said, "Happy 1st Birthday," I guess the dollar store ran out of 29th birthday signs??  I could tell Adam and the kids had a good time decorating!
Yummy party cake! 
   Adam played with the kids most of the day while I relaxed.  I kept disappearing into the bedroom to nap and get away from the chaos that is my kids.   While I was resting, Mykelle and Evan helped Daddy make me a birthday cake!  They even got to ice the cake themselves... which is Adam's way of making sure we don't have to share the cake with anyone outside of family!
My present from the kids was wrapped in a Frosted Flakes box :)
   I received a lot of well-wishes and several packages from thoughtful friends and family.  While I was opening my gifts Mykee kept saying to me, "You need to share your presents Mom.  It's nice to share!"  Of course, the gift she and Evan picked for me had Tinkerbell lip gloss, candy bracelets, and super-hero bubble tape in it!

They take after their daddy.
If the chemo didn't make me sick, this sure would!
   I had to throw in this last picture- it blows me away that one body can be taking all of this medication and still function!  Included here are two anti-nausea medications, one sleeping pill, one pain-killer, one anti-viral, an anti-fungal, an antibiotic, and the shot is Neupogen to help stimulate stem-cell growth to bring my blood counts back up.  I was scared to give myself that Neupogen shot by the way, but it wasn't so bad once I worked up the nerve to jab myself in the belly!  Just saying that probably made my dad queasy... :)

   My birthday may not have been what I imagined it would be at this time last year, but it has been a good day all the same, because of all the love everyone has shown me.  I would like to thank you all for  your kind thoughts and prayers as I've been going through this ordeal.  It was uplifting to come home to such a welcome- the many birthday wishes, visits, gifts, food, phone calls, and more- they all made me feel so loved and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  


  1. tessa, i don't know if you remember me or not! but i just had to let you know you are in my prayers! your courage and faith is a strength to us all! how i hope and pray to hear good news and i'll continue to keep updated on your blog. you are beautiful!!! your smile is encouraging and gives us all the dose of energy and spirit we need! stay strong, fight hard and i will be praying for you and your sweet family!

    katie (fryer) longhurst

  2. I hope Adam also cleaned up the b-day decorations... ;0)

    Next year you will be dancing and eating cake!!!

    Lov Ya

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Your smile is beautiful!!! Your faith is amazing!!!

  4. Tranquil

    Happy birthday! You are in our prayers and our thoughts.

  5. Tessa, My husband worked with your dad at Millers, Bryan Summers, anyway I am also Jenny's Nielsen's aunt and she hooked me up with your blog. I just wanted to let you know that you are also in our prayers. I hope you don't think I am stalking, I just love your parents and hope for the best for you!

  6. That cake looked great! How are you feeling today? Here are some happy thoughts for the day..

    You are STRONG as the tall, green oak tree,
    FLOWING like the purple wind,
    and WHOLE like the warm yellow sun.

    The big arms of God are protecting you.

    Glad you can be with your family!!

  7. Love you Tessa! I think of you often & pray for you always. You're the best!


  8. Tessa-
    I don't think we ever met but I grew up with Adam. I am the crazy "witch doctor" ;-) that sent you the oils to help with this nasty battle you have begun...again. I wish I was closer to help with your kids and help train you how to use the oils. I wanted to tell you the frankincense has been used to cure cancer ( and shrink a tumor in a horse. Another friend is using it on her baby to try and shrink a tumor growing in her stomach but we haven't heard yet if it has helped yet. You can rub it in the area where the tumors are located. It also helps with pain. Please call me anytime if you have more questions. 435 232 6311

    I am praying for you to kick this cancer and to also get better nurses and doctors. If only they treated you like they do the children up here and Primary Children's hospital. LOVE!!! Good luck.

    Brooke Bagley

  9. @Brooke- Thank you very much for sending the oils! I have used the cloves but have yet to try the Frankincense. They really sound great! I think I'll have Adam put some on my spine tonight! Thanks again!