Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dr. Goy (pronounced: gwah)
Dr. Goy is my oncologist- the one that's orchestrating all of my tests, treatment, and care. His recommendations are amazing (feel free to check him out at
I've been asked by several people if I like him... It's a complicated question! First, he's obviously very qualified and I like that. He definitely appears to know what he's doing, and I am confident there couldn't be anyone with better knowledge to be treating me. My reservations in coming right out and saying, "yes, I do like him," stem from his bedside manner. I've only been to see him twice, but he's appeared to be very busy and very brusque both times. But does the guy really need to have good bedside manner to be able to save my life?? I don't think so! He did put his arm around me and take me aside after the bone marrow biopsy when I went into shock- he seemed very concerned. To sum up the answer to the question, "do I like him"... Yes, mostly, check back with me in a couple months!

Dr. Inouye
Dr. Inouye is the ear, nose, and throat specialist who performed the biopsy on my neck. He was very friendly, but didn't quite seem to know what was going on. I don't think the departments communicate very well (though both were in the same building, just 5 floors apart!). I had to explain a bit about Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and why a full tumor was needed rather than just a needle biopsy. You'd think that research could have been done before the appointment. I was glad he gave me a lot of his time, and showed sincere concern when he realized there were no results for the biopsy in my file- and it was a week after! But that's another post...

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