Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 2 and 3

Nurse protection from ME and the chemo!
   These pics are from day 2, but I am writing from day 3, the 19th.  The first night was pretty rough.  I forgot about ear plugs and just couldn't sleep, even with the ambien.   I felt very sick yesterday morning and asked for some anti-nausea medicine.  They didn't tell me until after that it makes you very sleepy!  So I slept almost five hours yesterday.   I even drank some diet coke (hey, what's a little more poison added to what's flowing through my veins??) but I couldn't bring myself to wake up!  Yesterday was mostly talking on the phone, watching TV, sleeping, and talking with visitors.  Adam visited, and I made friends with Norys, a nice Peruvian lady suffering from Leukemia.  She LOVED Adam coming in to chat with her in Spanish!

     The nurses here have been wonderful, I've had a very good experience.  The patients have also been very sweet and friendly.  The docs could still use a little work in the bedside manner arena, but they are busy with a ton of patients, so I'll give them a little break :)
Kinda makes me queasy just looking at it...
   The food continues to be very bland.  I am on a restricted low microbial diet- no fresh fruits or veggies, and everything needs to be cooked or pasteurized.  The french toast wasn't too bad, had it again on day 3, but the eggs... yuck!

Puffy Face!

   This shot is supposed to show the puffiness of my face!  Maybe if I didn't lift an eyebrow you'd be able to tell my eyes are super- puffy!  I have gained 10 lbs since Day 1- all from water weight!  I go through bag after bag of saline they just keep it pumping!   It brings back memories of having the c-sections and getting so puffy I could barely see my babies!  
 Lover came to visit- who looks more like the cancer patient?? :)
   Not sure why Adam didn't want to smile.  He was so nice- got a sitter and came to see me for a little over an hour.  He brought me some peanut M&Ms and a video game for the computer.  Most guys would bring flowers... Not my man- he knows me too well :)  

  Overall Day 2: Not that fun, but not too bad either.  No throwing up, just a couple of close calls.  Lots of sleep, and I didn't get much done that I brought along.  

   Day 3:  It's only 10 am, so there's a lot left.  So far, I haven't needed anti-nausea medicine, so I am slightly more awake than yesterday.  I slept better last night.  Everyone here knows my birthday is tomorrow and is trying to be extra nice and get me out of here by late tonight so I can really party it up tomorrow... Probably laying in bed while my kids and hubby make me a cake and decorate the house!  The plan is to deliver my last two doses of chemo a few hours early today so I can be out of here around 10:30 pm.  Not bad huh?  Then Nuepogen shots for 10 days at home and back in for more in a couple weeks!



  1. Here's to bustin' out for your Birthday! I bet you're craving veggies but glad the french toast sufficed ;) Still pretty as always - can't really see the puffy at all! Rest well today (or play the video game - what did he bring?) Sounds like a good hubby. Let us know when you're up to visitors! xo

  2. Glad to hear from you -- I'm so glad they're going to try and get you out for your birthday! Though you probably don't have much choice, if you do get to request, ask for Zofran for anti-nausea if you don't want to go to sleep. It's what I have, and it's official use is for cancer patients going through chemo. They probably gave you something like phenergan which always knocks me out and leaves me feeling hung over - a drug I definitely dislike! You're amazing to still have all of those beautiful smiles in your pictures.

  3. Hey Tessa - How in the world do you look so great while on chemo? I don't think that's allowed. :) I'm kidding, kidding, kidding. :) I'm glad that you seem to be doing "okay" with your first few doses of chemo, I'm glad that you get to go home on your birthday, and I'm glad that you have such an awesome husband who gives you M&M's and video games. Happy Birthday! :)

  4. You look great and always have such a pretty smile on your face! I am glad you are hanging in there and am so happy you get to be home on your birthday!! Have a nice, restful weekend with your family!!

  5. I saw your blog through Trisha's & I'm so thankful I did. You are amazing and you're inspiring me in so many ways...this very minute. Hang in there! Your happiness is contagious!

  6. Hooray for birthdays! And not being in the hospital for it! And what a good hubby you have to bring you some of the good things in life! M&M's can brighten anyones day!

    When you get a second, go take a look at my blog. I have a little surprise for ya! Sorry you have to share it with my sister though.

    Still prayin'!

  7. Yes, let us know when youre up for visitors! Can we do something fun for your birthday? when you are feeling up to it, maybe some of us girls can play! please, please, please, let me know what I can do. Xoxo

  8. I think I forgot to identify myself on my birthday phone message just now...oops! I just wanted to wish you all the best for a happy birthday. Like Mykee always says, you're a beautiful woman, inside and out! I am truly blessed by your friendship, Tessa. Please know that I'm here to help you in any way I can.