Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still Here, Sorry!

I've had a few people let me know they've been watching my blog for an update post-transplant and have been worried because I've not been posting.  I am so sorry!  The transplant went well, and I am recovering slowly, which is why I haven't posted.  I just don't quite feel up to all of the work of a lengthy post with pics.  It will happen though... and soon!  Meanwhile, thank you for your continued support!



  1. Hi Tessa - great to hear that things have gone well so far. I first saw your I'm a Mormon video a long time ago. I watched it over and over as tears ran down my cheeks. You are beautiful and inspirational and have a gorgeous family. Your faith, optimism, humour and happiness are truly amazing and there is something almost tangible that seems to radiate from you. Since the first time I saw your video I've thought about you from time to time and wondered how you've been going. I watched your video again this week and decided to google you and found your blog. I've had a quick read of your recent posts and was a little distressed that there wasn't one written lately. On a whim, I checked back today and am relieved with the good news. Your story has touched me deeply and I hope and pray that you continue with a speedy and full recovery. Callie.

  2. Hi Tessa! Very good to see you have a post up. I too, like many, have been checking for updates, so pleased to see that everything has gone well and that you are recovering. Looks like I will have a haplo stem cell transplant in october (that is half match with my brother). No full matches available apparently. All very scary!
    But very encouraged with your story. I hope your recovery goes well. Take it slowly! and all the very best - what an amazing fight you have put up. Waving hallo across the pond - Tessa

  3. Hi Tessa,
    i am speechless when reading your posts..
    simply i pray from the deepest of my heart & soul that you get well soon and may Allah the mercy bless you and keep you healthy for your beloved ones.

    Thank You, you have lifted many people morale :)

    M. B. Assaf

  4. Tessa -
    I was just sitting here thinking of you, and wanted to send you a little hug over the internet! I just love you and continually pray for you & your precious family. Thank-you for constantly inspiring me!

    Love ya girl -
    Emily (Ernstrom) - I swear I need to stop giving my maiden name, but you never know if people know who in the heck you are! :)

  5. Hi Tessa,

    I have a quick question about your blog. Could you email me when you get a chance?