Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crazy Week!

I went in to the cancer center last week on Friday for what I thought was a routine CBC blood check.  I ended up being surprised with the suggestion that we go ahead with the bone marrow transplant the next week, July 11th rather than the 18th.  I was completely taken unaware, and got upset immediately!  I had everything all planned out!  Zack's flight was scheduled, Evan's birthday party, Adam's mom coming out, a week of prep for shopping and cleaning (to leave my house all ready for my leave of absence)... I did NOT want to move it up a week!  But one of the nurses warned me that if we waited the additional week my CD4 count could go up above 200, the critical point, and I'd have to undergo an additional chemo which would push everything back by 3 weeks.  So I agreed to bumping it up.  

I went home and slept off my disappointment, then I made some phone calls and sent out the email to change Evan's birthday party to the next day.  I was a little stressed out, but we ended up having a really fun party and a nice weekend before heading in to my doctor's appointments on Monday.  Where I found out I had not been told the truth about my transplant situation and the whole reason for upping the date on me.  It's a very long and involved story so I won't go into it, but the reason the nurses had wanted to move the date was so they had less paper work to do.  Seriously.  It had NOTHING to do with my health and CD4 levels.  Trust me, I let them know I was very unhappy with the situation.  

The transplant doc, Dr. Donato, suggested we go back to the initial plan of starting the transplant on the 18th so we could check my blood for viruses since I haven't been feeling 100% and give me an additional week to recover from the last chemo.  So once again, the transplant is on for the 18th, though it could always change!  I'm very excited to have an extra week to get things together and looking forward to spending a weekend with my family and my mother-in-law!


  1. Oh, that's so horrible! I can't believe that they put you through all of that stress just so that they had less paperwork to do! What a pain. It's not like you have enough to deal with, right? So sorry! You are such a trooper and handled the situation so much better than I would have, that's for sure. I'm so glad that it got "postponed" until the 18th and that you get to "relax" a bit and accomplish the things that you had planned to do before the transplant. Good luck with everything over the next few weeks (the transplant, etc.). You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hi Tessa, You don't know me nor I you - I live across the pond in London UK - but we have the same name, the same blog title (!)- and are battling a similar war ... I just wanted to write and say how inspiring your blog is. I was diagnosed with AML 2 years ago (at the ripe old age of 52) - chemo for 5 months and then into remission - 20 brilliant months of life. Now, like you, I have relapsed and lined up for an allogeneic bone marrow transplant. So I am wishing you a safe journey. Your family look lovely. Keep strong and my your god go with you.
    Here is my blog - in case you ever have the energy or interest to read:
    http://hairwegoagain-tch23.blogspot.co.uk First blog: http://badhairday-tch.blogspot.co.uk
    Best wishes, Tessa

  3. Tessa,
    Hang in there girl! It was so fun to meet you and your beautiful family. Loved my time with you guys. You are in our prayers. :)
    Beth Reeve

  4. Tessa

    You are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue this battle! you are amazing

  5. I just read your timeline. I am praying for you! I pray everything went well for you and for dear brother! You are in my heart!

  6. Hi, Tessa. My name is Colette - Ashleigh introduced me to you and your blog several weeks ago. My hubby has Hodgkin's - so following your blog has been so good for me. I feel like we are friends even though we've never met! Your outlook, attitude and smile always lift me. She gave me one of your green bracelets and I wear it everyday. I think and pray for you everyday. I hope everything has gone as smoothly as possible for your transplant and pray that you and your family are doing as well as possible - you are a strong lady! I look up to you so much!

    Much love to you as you recover,

  7. Hang on in there Tessa. After seeing your little video on Mormon.org I just to see if surpassed this. Needless to say, you will be in my prayers. You, your husband, your whole family loves you, and so does Heavenly Father. I am LDS, and I live in GB. Keep fighting.

  8. Tessa, I hope you are okay. I havent seen any posts since your transplant and it worries me. You are in every prayer of mine! I pray you and your brother have a quick recovery. Your testimony and strength inspire me to be better!

  9. I am worried about you too. You are in my thoughts a lot and I am praying for you!