Sunday, January 5, 2014

And The Results Are In...

Benign:  Music to anyone's ears, but particularly to a 3 time cancer survivor undergoing her 6th biopsy!

My doc told me he'd call me with results anywhere from 3-7 days later.  On the off chance the results were in the computer before then, I checked my chart online…  I want to be shocked that I could read my results before they were given to me but I'm too happy the results were exactly what I wanted to see :)  

I went down to Huntsman on Thursday for the biopsy- I asked my doc if I could get a pic of him holding the giant needle next to my neck while I looked scared over at him… He made me repeat myself several times then said, "That is perhaps the oddest request I've ever heard."  I got a good laugh out of it but he still seemed confused at why I'd want it :)  He didn't want to be in the blog though, and was very hesitant about me even seeing the needle before the biopsy until I told him I'd already seen it during my first biopsy.  Kinda funny.  So The point is, I don't have very funny pics for your enjoyment, but I do at least have a picture of the biopsy :).


  1. We are so very happy to hear your good news! Keep up the fight you wonderful woman! We love you!

  2. Tessa....I just found your blog after seeing the video...and found that we are kindred spirits. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer while having a two and six year old... and have had 3 reocurrences, but am happy to say that I am feeling the best now that I have in years. It was so strange to watch your video, because you said what I have told people since the beginning of my cancer journey. Had they found it earlier...I would have never had my children. Motherhood is a gift that is worth all the extra fight I have endured. I wish you well, my survivor friend. If you'd ever like to talk to someone who understands...feel free to contact me. Make this week amazing!

    1. Wow! That is so great, to hear you were able to get your kids in "under the wire" too! :) Thank you for sharing your story, it's ALWAYS nice to hear a positive cancer journey! Best to you! Tessa

  3. Dear Tessa

    Your story caught my attention in between general conference sessions. I have a now 19 year old son who was diagnosed with the same exact cancer, in the exact same place, at the exact same age. He is now in remission and serving a full time mission. The Lord loves us and watches over us in every aspect of our lives. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of faith and endurance.