Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cancer Does Suck, BUT...

... But, the loving support sent my way has been AMAZING!  Adam and I are continually astounded at the love and generosity of our neighbor (whether here in NJ or across the country).  We have received so much support from so many people... it's helped keep our hearts full and our minds positive when it would be so easy to wallow in negativity.  

My friend Adelee sent me these hats and the blanket made by her company A&C Embroidery.
The hats say "Cancer Sucks" on them!  Aren't they great??  It was awesome to receive this package from her and to know she'd spent time making these things for us.  Evan just HAD to sleep with the "Family Love Blanket" that night! 
I am grateful to all of you out there who've read this blog and offered up a prayer or even a positive thought.  I'm thankful for all the letters, emails, and messages of encouragement and love we've received.  I'm overwhelmed by the steady influx of offers for babysitting, meals, house cleaning, massages, ladies nights, and the list goes on!  The assistance and reinforcement we receive on a daily basis helps our family more than can be imagined!  I'm continually astounded by the goodness being shown to us and am looking forward to someday being able to pay it forward to others.  

 A basket of Easter/Get Well goodies from my friend Chelley and her ENTIRE family...  And by "entire" I mean everyone!  I received some of the sweetest drawings and letters from some of her nieces and nephews and/or cousins... I couldn't keep track of how everyone was related :)  It even had stuff for Mykelle and Evan it!  So thoughtful!
To everyone who is helping us through this journey, the words seem insufficient but I offer them anyway,  THANK YOU!


  1. even though Mykee looks a lil creepy, it's still cute. Love the goodies. The blanket look nice and compfy! Of course Evan would want to sleep with it! :) wait.... you like purple? :)

  2. I found your blog after seeing your "I am a Mormon" video. I was in tears after watching the video and want to thank you for documenting your journey. I am currently battling breast cancer, I am an adoptive mom to a darling little girl and I am also a Mormon.

    You are in my prayers. Keep fighting girl!! You can do this.

  3. Does your friend make those Cancer sucks hats to sell? We have a 6 year old boy in our ward who has lymphoma and they would love these!

    1. She does! Her name is Adelee and her email address is adelee_muir@msn.com. I'm sure she'd love to make one for him!

    2. Thank you! I got in touch with her and she is super sweet and wonderful!

    3. You are inspiring. Your story has touched my heart. Thank you for showing us how to live, and keep up the fight. God Bless, my prayers are with you and your family. xo

  4. Tessa,

    You are such an inspiration. You have had such a positive impact on my life and I truly look up to you for the kind of person you are. I think about you and your family often- Jon and I will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    We wish you nothing but the best.

    Kristen and Jon Reams

  5. Hey Tessa,
    I just saw your video on mormon.org and it really got me. I had to "search" you to make sure you're alright, since I have two little kiddos the same age as yours. It looks like you're still in the midst of your fight, but what an incredible attitude you have! We discovered a brain tumor in my 3 year old son when he was 15 months. After several operations to remove as much of it as possible we will be monitoring it the rest of his life, hoping it doesn't grow. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your outlook. It is so inspiring. Prayers are definitely being sent your way from Laramie, WY!