Monday, March 19, 2012

Cycle 2 Update

It's Monday after Adcetris treatment number 2 on Thursday.  Treatment last week went perfectly, I had a great time with Taryl and felt great the evening of, just a little tired.  I was hopeful I'd get through the weekend without many side effects!  Didn't quite work out that way...

On Friday I was completely wiped out- slept until 9, took a nap, and went to bed about 9.  I was pretty tired and very grateful for Taryl's help with the kids.  Saturday was a nearly normal energy day- Taryl and I went to the World Trade Center and did a lot of walking in the city- but I did feel like I had some brain fog going on and crashed by about 8, though I didn't go to bed until later (hmmm... wonder if I should have listened to my dear mother and rested? :)

Sunday and today have been okay... it's hard for me to think of the right word- "okay" isn't quite right... I've been able to DO things- like go to church (though I left early), attend a BBQ in our back yard (though I was bothered by the smells), go to lunch in Hoboken (but I was queasy on the drive in).  I just haven't been feeling right.  Definite brain fog, fatigue, and a lot of almost queasiness.  From chemo session one I did have some stomach upset for a day or two, and I've been really feeling it this time around.  I'm surprised because I have a very strong stomach normally and hardly ever feel nauseated, even when I was pregnant or going through treatment from cancer the first or the second time.  I read the list of side effects from the Adcetris pamphlet and just assumed I would experience the least amount since that's usually the case.  So I have been "okay," and all things considered I'm still happy with the treatment!

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  1. Saw your video on a friends blog and stumbled upon yours. I'm not going through cancer but your strength, determination and faith have helped me with my own little issue. I will keep you in my prayers and wanted to say thanks for passing on a little inspiration. You were an answered prayer.