Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adcetris Chemo Treatment #2!!

2 down, one more to go, and then we re-scan!!

The Chemo Room
Today Taryl and I went to my second cycle of Adcetris (aka Brentuximab Vedotin aka SGN 35).   I am SO happy to have a friend here to go with me!  Taryl flew out for her spring break to spend a week with me and help me out with the chemo.  It was a really fun day, all things considered, we had a great time!  

John Theurer Cancer Center
Finger Prick CBC 
The nurse actually MILKS my finger for blood, to fill up the little tube from the finger prick.  Odd feeling really. 
We saw Dr. Goy on time today (hurray!) and went directly in to get chemo afterward.  I had a good time chatting with Allison, the nurse, and goofing around with Taryl.  During the 1/2 hour administration of chemo I was on the phone with an old friend, Natalie, and before I knew it, the chemo was OVER!  I didn't feel a THING!!  Nice huh?

Nurse Allison putting in the IV, Taryl trying not to pass out as she took my pic :)

Before getting Adcetris I did get some pre-meds:  Tylenol, Zofran (anti-nausea), and Hydrocortisone (a steroid to help prevent allergic reactions from the drug that the docs have seen a higher occurrence of in 2nd dose Adcetris).  The only thing I DID recognize was an increase of energy from the steroid.  

Just as I was getting ready to leave I saw an old chemo roomie named Elaine- it was really neat to catch up on our statuses and stories after not having seen each other since November 2010 (she remembered it had been my birthday just as I was leaving the hospital from chemo).  She is doing well enough now, has to get blood transfusions once a month but the cancer is at bay.  

Surprisingly, I was not necessarily the youngest person receiving treatment today!  There were two other young men getting treatment that looked to be around my age.  It was almost a shock to see younger people there, when I'm used to being the one getting pitying looks from the nurse staff and older patients receiving treatment.  

We made it out of the hospital a little after noon- AMAZING!!  I was so excited to get out of there in good time and feeling well!  Taryl and I made my traditional stop at Arby's to grab a roast beef sandwich after chemo- it's a tradition, both before the birth of each of my children (3 sandwiches each time then...) and after every chemo as I've driven home (I've not always eaten, but Adam has :)  

How can we NOT stop at a place with the slogan, "Good Mood Food" after having chemo??  

Then THIS happened, and I still laugh, just writing about it!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I love you Taryl!!! :)  Even though you are a slob... :))))
At least I tried to help her clean it up right??
All things considered, it was a great day for chemo!! 


  1. So glad you and Taryl are having a great time!! It takes a pretty amazing woman to make everything into such a positive experience. You girls look like you are having a blast! Wishing you the best...

    Nikki Campbell
    (Taryl's sis-in-law)

  2. Soo glad to hear/read that this chemo went well and that you are feeling basically well. Nice.

  3. I'm so glad Taryl was there with you! Its great to see such a big smile on your face! Glad things are going well!