Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 Weeks Home!

    I've been four weeks home now after the transplant and things are going very well!  My recovery is  better than expected so far.  I'm steadily regaining my energy and I feel like my body function is almost normal.  It's hard to explain how it's felt a little off since coming home.  I've had a great appetite but I occasionally feel queasy.  My mind is still fuzzy sometimes, but improving.  Of course I am tired, and that comes and goes.  I have started doing the grocery shopping again and even did some couponing this week!   By the way, I LOVE couponing and I have missed it!  My family is rolling their eyes at me right now... :)  Overall, things are really looking up.  The fact that Spring is here already (yet another perk to living on the east coast), has helped me too!  It feels like my body is coming out of a harsh winter at the same time as flowers are blooming and trees are leafing out. 

    I have a little story that goes along with this pic but first, I have to let everyone know, I love my husband, and he has been so good to me on my cancer journey (should I be calling it a "recovery" journey now??).  He has always made me feel loved and beautiful, even when I had no makeup on, my face was puffy from chemo, and I had a gross tube hanging out of my chest!  And it's a good thing I love him and I don't get my feelings hurt easily... The other day we were having a nice conversation sitting on the couch and I was without a hat or scarf (as I often am around the house) when Adam said to me, "You know what I want to call you?  Pharaoh, because of your bald head and your painted on eyes."  At first I feigned offended, but couldn't help laughing!  I guess it's just another one of his many affectionate nicknames for me!  Though I am a little concerned about the masculinity of this nickname...

    Happily, I will not be able to keep the name Pharaoh much longer- my hair is starting to grow!!  I have little tiny white hairs growing out of my eyelids and my head is starting to feel fuzzy!  I had to shave off the little hairs on my head, and now it's coming in dark!  So excited.  I keep thinking back to how long it took to grow it out at age 16- it took 3 years until it was past my shoulders again, and that was letting it grow without any haircuts (yeah, I looked REALLY bad for the first few months... my nickname then was "Helmet-head").   The timing is perfect though, the weather is just starting to get warm (forecast to be 69 degrees tomorrow) and I am having a hard time wearing tight beanies and scarves in the heat.  I can't wait until I have just enough hair that I can wear a baseball cap and have people think I meant to have such short hair (I get some weird looks when I go out).  



  1. Thanks Tessa for posting this blog update. I continue to be impressed with how well you've done and are doing with all you've been through. Congratulations on the hair starting to grow back already!

  2. This picture doesn't show the true nature of Pharaoh Tessa. She is beautiful and such a strong person. I love that she is able to withstand my bad jokes at inopportune times. Honestly though, She is pretty HOT bald, I am very lucky...

  3. I hope you feel up to the cherry blossom festival. Branch brook park in Newark will be really beautiful in a couple of weeks! I know, Newark... but the park is a shining oasis in the middle of a real dump. Come on, it'll be fun!

  4. I love it that your husband calls you "Pharaoh Tessa". :) I'm so glad that things are going well for you! It's been a while since you posted hopefully things are STILL going well for you! I'm glad that your hair is already starting to grow back!

  5. Tessa,
    You are such an inspiration to me. I was amazed at your strength as a 16 year old, and you continue to be such a strong, faithful, beautiful woman. I am so glad to see you doing well. You are blessed with a wonderful family. What a great husband you have!!
    I have been thinking about you, and wish you well.
    Love, Allyson Miller

  6. Tessa,

    It is great you have a loving and supporting husband. I am the anonymous writer who wrote you earlier in your blog. I am lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend who is by my side and supportive. I dont know how he deals with me on my bad and tired days. I cant believe he is still around.